Sunday, April 10, 2011

Posting Overload

Wow, you must be sick of me by now.  I don't post for ages and now I have overloaded your inboxes!

I took part in my first challenge in ages the other day and the posting is now buried below.  Anyway that got me to thinking what other challenge could I set myself.  Well, last night I thought I should pack up my very messy dining table as I still had the leftovers from classes last week everywhere.  Sometimes when I am tidying up, rather than putting away all the little bits of leftover cardstock, I create little gift tags.  I try to include these with every order I receive as a little thank you from me.  I don't write in them and I try to keep them very simple.
This week, I thought I would set myself an additional challenge.  The unofficial ground rules where:
1. Only use what is on the table
2. All products must be within arms reach
3. Cannot even lift butt off chair to reach something
Now my table was pretty messy and there was quite a bit on it but I think I thought I had Go Go Gadget arms when I dreamt up the guidelines.  Some things that I would have loved to have used where so close - yet so far away.  Anyway it was a fairly rewarding experience and I did come up with 35 new tags for my collection - not to mention that I didn't have to clear up all those messy little bits of card stock.
Why not give this a go next time you are having a play day and see what you can come up with.  Little gift tags are always a great thing to have on hand to add to that gift wrapping to make it look a little more special.
I look forward to hearing what you come up with and the rules you set yourself to do it.

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The Anscombe Four said...

oooooooh! I want to see ALL of these!! Don't give ANY away until I have seen them! ha ha! Have a wonderful Easter xxxx