Saturday, April 2, 2011

Award Surprise!

Once again I am behind in updating my Blog.  The lovely Kez kindly nominated me for this award and I am only just getting around to doing anything about it.  Thanks Kez it was a lovely surprise.

Now this is what I have to do:

Acknowledge who I recieved this award from - Thanks Kez
Link back to the person who awarded me - Done
Nominate 3 of my favourite blog sites with less that 300 followers.  Now if you think that is easy, think again as there are so many extremely clever ladies out there that inspire me when my mojo takes leave of my body!

1. Karen - Karen is one of my lovely downline ladies and is very talented.
2. Michelle - Michelle is in the same group of demonstrators as me and also very creative.
3.Jennifer - Jennifer is also within the same group as I am and makes some wonderful creations.

Take a look at these fantastic blogsites and enjoy.

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