Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Suffering Missing Computer Syndrome

The past few days have been very stressful in my house.  My almost new laptop became very sick over the weekend and had to be taken to the Techo Doctor.  The news was all bad - a faulty hard drive.  After I lost my breath for a few moments realising that I wasn't going to get my computer back that day, I thought, "No problems", my warranty will cover that.  I came home and went to dig out my receipt and warranty certificate and shock horror, I couldn't find them.  Now I normally know where almost everything is in this house but Murphy was sitting on my shoulder at that moment.  Needless to say I started tearing apart filing cabinets, draws, cupboards, and still no paperwork.  There was no stress in this house on Monday, what with this, having to prepare for this weeks class starting Tuesday, a child going away on camp for 3 days and an exchange student arriving for 2 weeks - can you imagine!   I spent hours searching, sorting, tidying ( I know have pretty organised cupboards at least) and come Tuesday morning still no joy.
A girlfriend rang me and brought some calm to my situation.  She said don't worry, you got it at Harvey Norman and they should be able to print out your reciept!  Well I was on the phone as soon as I hung up and a lovely calm young man had both my receipt and warranty certificate printed out within seconds!  Now that is a service worth remembering.  I am sold on Harvey Norman now - not that I plan on losing any more receipts like this.
I still have the problem of no computer though as I have to send mine in for repair.  This means that what little time my teenage children will allow me to get on their computer may limit the amount of postings I get to do in the next week or two so please bear with me and I will catch up with photo's as soon as I can.
If you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to call me on 0411 222 501 as I have limited email access also. I am forever saying to my children that they are far too dependant on computer technology but I now realise that I am just as bad.
I will post photo's as soon as I can, promise!