Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Time Flies

I had one of those moments that only a parent can understand last week when we started the day singing Happy Birthday to my wonderful first born who was turning 17!  I mean when did that happen!!!  I am sure that it was only a few years ago that he was just starting out at school fresh faced and full of awe at everything.  Now he has whiskers and is ready to take on the world. 
We have had a few heart stopping moments of late with the first time your child gets into another childs car - who isn't sitting in a booster seat but who is actually sitting behind the steering wheel!  I am SO not ready for all this grown up stuff from my little cherubs.  Does anyone know how to turn the clock back or at least stop time.  Anyway he had a wonderful birthday.  
As usual I was last minute mum yet again and was up late trying to think up a card idea.  He isn't into fussy so here is what I came up with.

I kept the colours very neutral with Basic Black and Very Vanilla.  I used the Newsprint DSP which very kindly had a 17 amongst the print on one of the sheets.  To lift it a little I added Crystal Effects to the 17 to make it stand out and added a clip from the Mini Library Clips.  True to the male species he couldn't work out what it was there for if it didn't really do anything.  That's boys for you, they just don't get the whole accessories thing!
Luckily this was a quick and easy card and I wasn't up till all hours but - there was no stamping (shock)!

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The Anscombe Four said...

I just LOVE this card Mrs D - you are so clever xxxx