Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Lantern

One of my lovely customers sent me a link to a very talented lady called Danielle Daws.  Sorry I haven't linked you directly to her positing but if you look on the right hand side for Christmas Tree Box you will be taken to the posting.
I absolutely loved what she and her very handy hubby had created so just had to make one.  The solid tree in the photo is how the template turned out.  I was lucky enough to have a play day so I actually made a few and enlarged the template to get different sizes.  Knowing how much I love Christmas I couldn't help but wanting to take this further.  I then had a thought that wouldn't it look great with windows and a flickering candle inside.  No you don't need to imagine burning curtains, fire alarms and fire fighters rushing in! - a battery operated tea light candle. 
I enlarged the tree to 130 percent and cut out windows and inserted vellum.  This size makes the base large enough to put a tea light candle in.  They look so good at night time. 
The larger candle was rolled with So Swirly and Silver ink which sadly has retired but you just have to have silver with Christmas.  I added some Rhinestones which are on page 140 of the catalogue and can be missed so easily as they are not displayed very well but are a MUST have.
Thanks Danielle for the inspiration and what a great hubby you have for drawing up the template. 

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Danielle Daws said...

Oh my goodness! That's awesome!!! I love it! Absolutely brilliant! :-)