Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas In July

I hope everyone has been enjoying the school holidays. I would actually like them to go for another week, crazy I know, but I have really enjoyed the time off. No homework, packed lunches and a little less running around.
I am starting the Christmas In July theme this Saturday night with a dinner party with some friends. We have done this for a few years now and I am looking forward to the great company and the sticky date pudding we are having for dessert - my all time fav!

Now down to business!! Classes will start back next week and I will be continueing the Christmas theme with Christmas Cards. This will help get everyone ready for that mad rush time at the end of the year. Without starting now I know I would have to do the unthinkable and buy cards - and how would I explain that one away.....

Can't wait to see everyones projects you have been working on over the holidays. If you want to attend classes, contact me to book in.

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