Friday, August 16, 2013

Stamp Camp "Stamp Fairy" Gifts

One more post for the night and then it is off to bed for me!

The "Stamp Fairy" likes to visit everyone at Stamp Camp regularly when they aren't looking and reward them with a little token of appreciation for coming along.  I think the Stamp Fairy must have a bit of a sweet tooth as a lot of goodies involved some form of chocolate -- which is always welcome isn't it??????

The booty included:

a covered tissue box on the bed as a Welcome
A little "Dress" box with a chocolate
A name card holder with you guessed it a covered chocolate bar
A monogrammed note pad
Some chocolate chip cookies
A cup and coaster
A wooden spoon set in chocolate to make a hot chocolate with ( I know more...)
A nail file
A cute little bag of M&M's  (well at least it was only a little bag!)

Now if only I could find a "Cleaning Fairy" life would be sweet!

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