Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trip to the snow

I haven't posted for so long and this is just one of the reasons why.  It has been a very busy time around my household for the past couple of months and to finish it all off we got to get away to the snow for a few days to relax.  Now for me that is a contradiction as I don't find the snow relaxing and have decided to hang up my ski's for good.  I think I am getting too old to learn such a physical sport, nost to mention that I am petrified of breaking or tearing something that will leave me incapacitated for weeks.

The first photo is of my gorgeous daughter on her first day of snow boarding.  She has been skiing for years now and has been wanting to have a go at snow boarding for awile so we finally gave in.  Now if I could look this good after f.  Evalling over, I might be convinced to give it another go but unfortunately I seem to end up with things pointing in all directions!

The second photo is of Lake Jindabyne.  We had absolutely perfect weather for the three days we were skiing and on the last night the winds came up.  After a couple of hours fighting the winds on the snow we left to come home.  This is normally such a lovely calm, flat lake but I think that there were actually a couple of peaks on this lake that could have been surfed.  The kids got out of the car and it was so windy that when the water spray hit them they were dry almost immediately from the wind.

It was a great trip and although I don't think I want to ski again, we stay in a lovely lodge and actually got away with some friends and caught up.  Now I just have to catch up on my postings...

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