Friday, June 18, 2010

Workshop Bonus

A common phrase around our house at the moment is - "It's EOFYS" which is directly related to the advertising on television.  For those of you blessed to not have heard this, it means End Of Financial Year Sale.  When my youngest heard this, he thought it was an actual event and wanted to know how long it went for and what happened at EOFYS.
I got to thinking and thought I will have my own EOFYS of sorts - so from now until the end of July, if you host a workshop and achieve the minimum of $300 in sales, not only will you receive your FREE Hostess set and $30 FREE spend on any products - I will give you another FREE Hostess set.  You will also receive a bonus gift from me!!!!  That's a lot of FREE goodies. 

Now I know a lot of you think workshops are a lot of work - but they needn't be.  All you really need to do is invite a group of friends around, have a cuppa or two and a bickie (preferably chocolate, of course).  That simple.  You can pick a theme for the projects you make and then just sit back and have fun, how easy is that!!!

So what are you waiting for? Give me call or email me and book a date before time runs out!

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