Friday, September 5, 2014

The Stamp Fairy brought some friends!!!!

This year we had not one, not two but three Stamp Fairies!!!!  I was very spoilt and kept coming back to my desk and finding that I had been "Fairied"!!!!  Is that a word????  Oh well it is now!

I was SO spoilt and blown away by these wonderful gifts.  I was supposed to come home with empty boxes but I came home with this huge stack of marvellous creations.  Thanks very very much Stamp Fairies!!!!

This is an amazing "High Tea" set with its own mini milk, sugar and oreo biscuits and even the tray was hand made - spoilt or what???

What a great booty of gifts these are.  The candle has a photo from last years camp of my minions (they know who they are) and me which is a great memento.

Some gorgeous little boxes that all had lovely treats in them.
What a booty I collected.  I kept leaving my desk just so I could come back and be surprised and I can't believe how sneaky the other fairies were.

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