Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Millie

For years now my husband and I have gone hot and cold on getting a dog.  We have never been on the same page at the same time until last Saturday!  Hubby thought it about time we bite the bullet and I visited our local pet store and just fell in love with a little bundle of fluff.  She was tucked away in a cage in the back of the store and I nearly missed her.  I was acutally on my way out of the shop after seeing some other pups and decided to have a look around at all the "extras" available for pets now.  Luckily I did as there she was, just the perfect little bundle.

After lots and lots of cuddles, I was torn away as I couldn't make a decision on my own.  I had to wait for hubby to see her on Saturday.  I went off to work Saturday morning and he promised to go and have a look and that he would call me when he was there.  The call never came and I thought he had maybe changed his mind and we wouldn't get a dog.

When I got home I got the most amazing surprise - we had our little bundle of joy!  I knew he couldn't resist those pleading little eyes if he saw her.

So meet Millie, our little Schmoodle who is so so cute and very cuddly.  She looks at you pleadingly and you just can't resist sitting down and having cuddle time.  Well she has done that to me many many times this week and not a lot has been happening around our house this week.  Do you think you could resist this face..........

We are having a bit of fun trying to train her to use her piddle pads so if anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them.  The upside of this is that I now have the cleanest floors as I seem to be mopping constantly.  It reminds me of the good old potty training days with my children and happily I got there with them so at least I know the time is coming where she gets it.  Lucky she is so CUTE!


Nanette said...

Hi Sue! Millie is absolutely gorgeous! What sort of dog is a schmoodle? A Shih Tzu/Poodle maybe?
We lost our much loved dog about a year ago, and I think I am ready to get another 4 legged family member, so I have been looking at different breeds and yours is so cute. Good luck with her - I can tell she will be spoilt!

Patrice said...

Millie is so adorable! I have a Lilli, just a little white fluff ball maltese and so loveable. These little things have the best temperament ever and just like babies they are terrific time wasters of the best kind!

WRT toileting my only advice is to take Millie outside to 'do wees' (as I said) every time she drinks, eats and on the hour around the clock. Keep it up, hard as it is during the night and within a fortnight she'll be great. We had next to no accidents. A couple of times through the night is okay, I wasn't so strict on the hour thing. I didn't use training pads either as didn't want to confuse her. It all seemed too easy to be honest.

Good luck and have lots of fun with your new baby!

Cassie said...

Sue, Millie is absolutely gorgeous........ I'm a sucker for a ball of fluff. We bought our pooch (poodle) probably from the same pet store two years ago in very similar circumstances!

I agree with Patrice, you need to take her outside everytime she moves - you move! As tedious as it is she will learn very quickly with lots of praise everytime she goes. We also didn't use piddle pads except at night when he was put to bed in the laundry and we hardly had any accidents.

I would love to come and have a cuddle with Millie sometime.

Juliette Chapman said...

Oh Sue - she is gorgeous. No wonder you fell in love with her.

Jennifer Adnitt said...

She's a cutie Sue, no wonder you are smitten.
But how are the cats coping?

Kerry (Kez) said...

Millie is just adorable and I can't wait to meet her soon! She might just fit in my bag ..... ! LOL