Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Feel Ulcers and Grey Hairs Coming

After 12 months and a long 120 hours of Learner Driving lessons, my 17 year old son got his red P's on Monday.  )Eeeekkk!!  I spent all of Monday with a stomach full of butterflies and breathing into a paper bag.  Torn between thinking of all that driving I will no longer have to do and the fact that my baby was going to be out there all on his own on the road was excrutiating.  Why do those beautiful little cherubs we bring home from hospital have to grow up???

After we both paced the RTA waiting for his turn to do his test, quoting all the things we could remember that would be important, a very lovely, smiling man called his name - a good start.  Off he went, a little apprehensive but confident he had done the work.  I was left to continue to pace and look at the clock every minute and a half.  Finally he walked back in but wasn't sure how he went.  Another excrutiating few minutes dragged by until he got called up again.  Holding our breath we listened to the instructor and the only words I think Leroy  heard were congratulations - everything else was "white noise".

We are so proud of him but now the worrying kicks in.  I never realised just how terrifying it would be watching him drive off for the first time solo and not sure how long it will take me to get used to it.

Anyway I just had to make him a card so after a search on the internet, I found this great punch art car on Melissa's blog site.  Thanks Melissa for this great tutorial, I was far too stressed to think anything up on my own!

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Anonymous said...

Sue, I don't think we'll ever get used to them driving off on their own. Everytime my boy leaves the house the last thing he hears me say is......Drive safely or Drive carefully. The same reply comes back each time - Yes Mum!

The best thing about having another driver in the house is they can pop off to the shops & pick up the milk or bread you forgot or collect their siblings when you can't or the best themselves home at midnight! (providing there is no alcohol involved!)

Enjoy your new found freedom!