Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Was I Thinking!!

I know I havn't kept my promise and put up any postings over the holidays but I have to admit I have enjoyed just hanging out with my family (quite literally) as you can see by the top photo.
We spend Easter in Port Stephens and the weather was fantastic. We all relaxed and enjoyed the spoils of the Easter Bunny.
We headed off to the Show on the last day and although I have to admit I wasn't overly keen to go it was a great day. I normally only venture onto the Dodgem Cars as my ride of choice as I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to rides but I got conned into being more adventerous this year.
My 11 year old son (who I was willing to put up for adoption after this) talked me into going on the "Hard Rock" ride. Feeling a little uncertain I lined up and didn't actually watch the ride until I got on. As soon as it swung up into the air the first time I knew I had made a huge mistake. My heart was racing and I just wanted to get off. I don't know what my screams would have registered on the rictor scale but I'm sure a whole new level would need to be created!
Well the speed picked up and on the next swing I thought I would need oxygen to survive so I closed my eyes and like a 2 year old believed that this would make it all go away. It kind of worked until I opened my eyes very briefly to check that my 11 year old devil child was doing ok. Second big mistake, I was way up in the air and now thought I would need a shot of adrenalin to get my heart beating again. The eyes slammed shut. Once again I thought what I can't see won't hurt me so lulled into a false sense of security my eyes deceived me and opened again!!! This time I was upside down looking at the ground and about to go on a big drop. Mistake number 3 in about 3 minutes.
My dear little devil child had gone very quiet also as he really isn't that much braver than me on rides and I had to decide whether to open my eyes again or just hope that he hadn't passed out with fear and wait for the end of the ride. Being a candidate for Mother Of The Year I decided I couldn't open my eyes again and just hoped that he was coping better than me.
The ride from hell finally started to flatten out and slow down, I heard a little peak from my son and relaxed a little but then had thougths of what I was going to do to him when my feet hit the ground.
Needless to say the whole family thought it hillarious but didn't ask me to go on any other rides all day. Luckily for my youngest that he is cute and lovable so he got to survive another day. I did get to have a shot at him on the Dodgem Cars and he certainly had a massive target on his car where I was concerned.
Everyone had a wonderful time and after a mammoth 12 hours we all made it home safe and sound.


Sue said...

that is too funny, wished I had read this before I saw you today lol

Chary Belfield said...

I think you were very brave sue and it was quiet funny because there is no way you would have got me on that one.