Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Cute Is This

Well today I was faced with updating software on my computer, ironing, paperwork, filing or creating. Now that might seem like an easy choice to some but as hard as I tried to do my ironing, creating won out ( ha, as if).

This project was inspired by a photo I had printed out several months ago and when I attempted to attack my filing I came across it. (See there are some bonuses to attempting to doing my chores.) All I had was a photo so I had to turn my hand to pattern making which was more fun than I thought but did slow down my productivity a little. I am sure my ironing could have been finished but!!!

I used Pretty In Pink and Whisper White card stock and some of the Pretties Kit. I have made it so that you only need one sheet of A4 card for the little overalls and then a bit of co-ordinating trim.

I did a boy orientated one also which I will post a little later. I can't do too many posts in one day as you need time to get over the shock that I am actually posting and there is the ironing waiting. Now all I need is lots of friends to have some babies so I have an excuse to make lots more of these. Any takers?????

1 comment:

Kez said...

Very cute Sue, I too love these but have no baby making friends to make them for! Looking forward to seeing the boy one.