Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Exciting New Find

I have to mention a great discovery I made a few weeks ago. It is a company called Tall Jeans. I am not what I would call ovely tall at 5ft 10" in the old form but I have never owned a pair of jeans or pants that have been long enough. Well my problem has been solved!!! I can now buy jeans that I have to take to the tailor to have taken up. It was my absolute pleasure to walk into the tailors last week and ask for my new purchases to be taken up. He looked at me and actually said that I had must have meant taken down. I was so excited to say no, I meant up. That was a life first and a memorable moment. Anyone who is tall will understand my sheer joy. If you read this and know anyone who is tall and has the same problem, put them onto this site. They are locate in Pennant Hills and jeans can be purchased online. The other benefit is once you know your size you can order any style.

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