Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonderful Holiday

Well we are back from Fiji and it was absolutely wonderful. The people are so warm and friendly, their smiles would light up a christmas tree. We went away with Darrens work and they had organised some activities. The first day we did a car rally which was so much fun. Our team was a little disorganised and didn't leave until about 20 minutes after everyone else. With some very shaky navigating going on we messed up the first clue and ended up driving around in circles for another 20 minutes.
Once on track we were off and there was no stopping us. We saw some fantastic local sights that normal toursists wouldn't see and ended up coming in 3rd. Prizes were handed out and we managed to win the "Most Research" in our answers prize. Thank goodness for mobile phones and internet!
The second day we all sailed to an island that was only for us and spent the day snorkelling, swimming and of course more eating and there was a Sydney-Melbourne beach volleyball tournament that was a little more competitive than some would have admitted. With much cheering from the crowd and the locals the score was one all.
It was a great trip but I missed the children so was glad to be coming home.
Now its time to focus on work and get some new and exciting projects together. I had better get cracking!

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