Friday, September 12, 2008

Fiji Magic

I am so excited this morning. I am going to Fiji for 4 days today and can't wait. I will take some photo's and post next week and I promise to get some more cards done and update this blog!!!
Darren won this trip through work and we are going on our own which up until this morning when I looked at my kids in bed I thought was wonderful.
Just because I haven't been making anything lately, I hope you are all being super creative and remember I like to see homework every now and again.....

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Robyn said...

Hi Sue ! Lucky you going to Fiji! Hope you are having a great time! I enjoyed reading your blog tonight I especially liked you brocade basics card and the ones you made for the "recycled " tin. Your house looks great- my sister and my aunty both live in Glenhaven so I visit up that way every so often ( I am in Melbourne)